2013. január 7., hétfő

Pro-gov media anchor: 'gypsies should not exist'

Introducing Zsolt Bayer, a journalist and proud holder of the governing Fidesz party's membership badge nr. 5 (meaning he's a founding father).

He has been a key organiser of the 'peace marches', giant demonstrations in support of Viktor Orbán's government (for which he received an award just days ago from... the government).

As the iron fist of the fidesz-controlled media, he's stirred controversy quite a number of times in recent years, e.g. when he accused jews of 'blowing their nose into the nation's swimming pool' or when, as a reaction to criticism against Orbán, he expressed his regret that not all left-leaning people were dug into the earth in the woods of Orgovány (that's where after WW1 far-right paramilitary units murdered high numbers of allegedly left-leaning citizens).

Now he used an argument-turned-fatal among youngsters to share his views about Hungary's Roma population.

“A significant part of the Gypsy population are unfit for coexistence. They are unable to live among humans. These Gypsies are animals, and they act like animals. They want to mate/rut whenever they see someone and with whoever they see. If they meet resistance, they kill. They defecate wherever and whenever they feel like it. If they feel obstructed, they kill. They want to get whatever they come across. If they do not get it immediately, they take it and they kill. These Gypsies are incapable of all human communication. Their animal skulls emit inarticulate sounds, and all they understand of this miserable world of theirs is violence. [...] Those animals must not exist. In any sense. This is what has to be solved immediately and by any means!”

This gentleman has a well-known excellent relationship, based on mutual respect, with the prime minister of Hungary, Mr. Viktor Orbán.

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