2013. január 8., kedd

'Gypsies should not exist' - reactions

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Of course, everyone looked to the governing party Fidesz of which Zsolt Bayer is a (prominent) member.

A minister, Mr. Navracsics's words were interpreted as a call for ousting Zsolt Bayer from the party. He called Bayer's statements grave and unacceptable and added: 'people who call groups of humans animals have no place in a community'. 

However his view remained in minority in his party, apparently. 

Fidesz' spokesperson produced yet another true gem by saying: ' Mr Bayer wrote the article as a journalist {i.e. not as a Fidesz member}. Fidesz understands society's emotions in connection with certain recent crimes, given that in short time two sportsmen have been killed in knife attacks, but public figures should not be writing or speaking in a hot-tempered way'.

She added that society may form an opinion on a journalist's articles, but she would not find it appropriate for Fidesz to do so.

Finally she warned against putting Bayer's remarks in the same bracket as MP Gyöngyösi's ones, who had famously called for a list of MPs and government members with Jewish origins. 

Máté Kocsis, head of communication in Fidesz, called the protests against Bayer's remarks 'a circus' and said he understands Bayer's feelings, it's merely his style he's not okay with.

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