2013. január 14., hétfő

'Gypsies should not exist' - waves

After a short period of contemplation, governing Fidesz threw its weight behind Zsolt Bayer, who quite simply called for the extermination of Roma in a newspaper article.

Even Bayer's publisher, a well-known oligarch, and an ally of PM Orban, withdrew the initial lukewarm apology and called upon his readers to unite behind Bayer. He called the protests against Bayer's remarks 'an attempt to create rifts in right-wing unity'.

Yesterday then produced a true piece of art, as a handful of demonstrators gathered before Fidesz party HQ to protest their stance. There they were greeted by a molino hung onto the HQ's walls, carrying the following message:

'Do not side with the killers. Do not listen to Ron Werber'

The first sentence refers to the deadly dispute which had served as an apropos to Bayer's article, and in which the attackers were allegedly Roma.

The second is a reference to the Socialist party's campaign consultant, who helped them win the 2002 elections and has now been hired again by the socialists. As in 2002, his appearance has massively angered right-wing voters, as he is, supposedly, of Jewish origin.

PM Viktor Orbán remained, tellingly, silent all along. This prompted some observers to lament whether Bayer's remarks could be part of a greater strategy of Fidesz to lure the voters of far-right Jobbik.

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