2012. december 15., szombat

Student representatives' personal data in pro-gov media

Very typical for Fidesz...

In the past two years, several observers have taken note of the utmost restraint that student leaders (elected leaders of universities' students organisations and their ceiling organisation) displayed, despite wave after wave of government-induced chaos and havoc in higher education. Wherever any student resistance tried to form, these leaders typically put their feet on the brake. Even in the past several days, where students' anger spilt over, there were leaders who tried to prevent demonstrations on universities. Having said that, most realized that they must follow their student electorate and began supporting the protests.

Now that earlier obstructive behaviour was quite puzzling... until now.

Yesterday, as a reaction to most student leaders siding with the students, the government spokesman cited a need to check if all student representatives' own status (i.e. as a student themselves) is in good order from an administrative point of view. And hey presto, today the daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet (tightly controlled by Fidesz) presented a handy table with many student leaders' personal data, including information clearly intended for diffamation (e.g. how long they've been at their universities - some indeed quite a bit of time...).

Privacy organisations have promptly commented that it would be hard to obtain such personal data in a legal way; luckily the ombudsman for privacy matters confirmed without delay that all is in good order and no laws were violated. The ombudsman had been installed, of course, by Fidesz. 


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