2012. november 9., péntek

Re: free and fair elections

A new day - a new law before parliament. This one will restrict parties' advertisements in non-state TV, national print media and the internet.

As it happens, these are the media most favoured by opposition-leaning voters.

It has been also confirmed, that the restrictions will, of course, not apply to advertisements by the state itself.

And state advertisement is not the only channel that is available to the government but not to its competitors.
It has now been announced that an NGO will launch an 'informative campaign' to the general public. As a start, they will provide a little booklet to all Hungarian households, explaining that general hardship is the result of earlier governments' misdeeds and Orban's team is doing a fantastic job.

The NGO is headed by Mr. Csizmadia, who is at the same time a member of Orban's administration and responsible for the distribution of all state funding to NGOs. He also happens to be the chief organisator of the 'peace marches', grand demonstrations in support of the government.

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